Canadian Steve Arpin Believes Loenbro Can Beat Subaru Motorsports USA

Loenbro Motorsports’ Steve Arpin is the home hero in Round 4 of Americas Rallycross (ARX) this weekend at the famous Grand Prix de Trois-Rivieres.

The Canadian driver was on the podium in round one of the season in Mid-Ohio and only lost out on a first ever ARX victory at the ARX of Gateway when he was overtaken by Subaru Motorsports USA’s Chris Atkinson in the final corner of round two. “I guess to be polite I’d call it a banzi move, to just dive all four tires off the track, get inside of me and knock me knock me out of the way. But I’ve always wanted to cross the start/finish line backwards, so I finished second going backwards! But, it shows the speed we have, and it’s just going to make passing easier when we get in the same position,” said Arpin.

With the GP3R circuit having the longest straight of the year, and unique gravel sections, Arpin thinks the Fiesta will suit every remaining circuit on the schedule. “Every track we’re going to this year suits the Fiesta, honestly I think we’ve got a really strong package. The time and the effort that Ford and M-Sport put in to developing the engine and electronics package – its second to none. One of the things I’ll never complain about is being underpowered, and from a handling standpoint our guys put so much effort into the development of the suspension. I’m confident in it whether it’s on a short track or a long track like Trois-Rivieres.”

Arpin has made an effort to hand over day-to-day control of the Loenbro team’s operations from the Thursday night before events. Focused on only his own driving and the performance of the team’s two Ford Fiesta Supercars, together with team mate Travis PeCoy, at the half way stage of the season Arpin is fifth in the standings and confident that everything is still to play for.

“The one thing with rallycross is that any one thing can happen at any given point. Hats off to Scott Speed, obviously he has helped Subaru to raise their game, he’s an incredibly talented driver but I think we are fully capable of beating him. We’ve showed that already. I think if Travis (PeCoy) was ahead of me at Mid-Ohio (in the final) he could have won the race. We’ve proved we have the pace to beat Scott and the Subarus, the biggest thing now is we just have to put it all together in a single event. Scott has a 12 point gap but anything can happen. We only have seven cars right now but they are seven of the best drivers, these guys are so good anyone can finish first or seventh at any given race.”

Tiernay Oliver