Arpin Anticipates Diverse Crop of Drivers at ARX2 Cooper Tire Combine

Americas Rallycross (ARX) Supercar front-runner Steve Arpin is excited about the inaugural ARX2 Cooper Tires Combine at Mid-Ohio and ARX2 Champion Supercar test after the season finale in October. 

The one-day program will draw in drivers from around the world of motorsports, giving an opportunity for them to sample the single-make ARX2 machines used in ARX’s official support category, where Loenbro Motorsports’ Travis PeCoy and Andretti Rallycross’ Cabot Bigham graduated from to Supercar in 2019.

“I think the combine we’re doing at the end of this year is a wonderful thing and having Travis PeCoy on our team is a true testament to what talent can come from the ARX2 category,” said Arpin. “I’m a firm believer that Travis is the biggest talent in all of the Supercar class we have in the United States right now, the kid has so much potential and to see that come from the ARX2 category. Having 20 new drivers coming in to show what they’ve got and potentially earn an opportunity to run next year, for me as a team manager knowing that the sport has a bright future and new young talent coming up through the ranks is amazing.”

The winner of the 2019 ARX2 Championship, which is led with three rounds remaining by Jamaican driver Fraser McConnell, will receive a Supercar test with Arpin’s Loenbro Motorsports team, courtesy of cbdMD on October 7, alongside the ARX2 Cooper Tires Combine participants. Having worked with PeCoy this season, Arpin is excited to work with another rising star.

“The mentorship program that ARX has put together this year is just so cool, and it’s put so many more eyeballs on the ARX2 category. I’ve honestly thoroughly watching everything progress throughout the year and watching Fraser (McConnell) and what he’s been able to do. If he’s the champion at the end of the year and we’re able to put him in a test with the Supercar and give him the opportunity to step up to the next level, that’ll be a great honor and I have no doubt that he’ll be able to perform well.”

If you are interested in applying to take part in the ARX2 Cooper Tires Combine, please fill out the application now. View Application.

Tickets for the ARX of Austin and Cooper Tires ARX of Mid-Ohio are available for purchase by visiting

Tiernay Oliver