Humble McConnell Ready for Final Championship Push

DirtFish Motorsports’ Fraser McConnell holds a 21-point lead with just three rounds of Americas Rallycross (ARX)’s official support series, ARX2, left to run this season.

The Jamaican driver has stepped up a level in his second season of the single-specification ARX2 class, and took a double win sweep last time out at the Grand Prix de Trois-Rivieres in Canada. Despite being the favorite for the title, with the next round on the schedule at the Circuit of The Americas, before a double header at Mid-Ohio to complete the year, 20-year old McConell is keeping his feet firmly on the ground.

“I mean, it’s hard to think about the championship now. I kind of take every qualifying race, semi, final, one at a time and obviously I have the big picture in the back of my mind but it’s picking my races and picking my points and whatever happens at the end of the day happens,” he said. “I know that I’m going to give my all in every race, whatever happens will happen but I’m giving everything and so far it’s working out.”

As part of the DirtFish Motorsports, in partnership with the Swedish Olsbergs MSE team, McConnell is being guided by rallycross champions Kevin, Oliver and Sebastian Eriksson in 2019.

Obviously I’m still very young to rallycross and the sport in general, so I’ve learned something new every single event and I look at every event – win, lose, draw – as a learning experience, so this year we’re still learning and hopefully next year is just perfection tweaking because that’s the level we want to be at – perfection – and with anything but perfection it’s pretty hard to win. That’s why we’re here – to win and have fun, so learning, winning, having a good time – that’s why I’m here. The whole OMSE team; Oliver, Seb, Kevin, Andreas and Maria, they bring to the forefront everything that I could ask for and even more. Whether it be on the technical side, emotional side, literally anything that there is, they cover it and go even further. I couldn’t be more thankful for having them – it’s easy to say that they’re the best in the world, so hat’s off to them.”

The rising star is also enjoyed strong support from back home in Jamaica, with family, friends and fans gathering together to watch the livestream of the ARX races. The support back home is very genuine. Everyone that I hang out with back home are really real, real people with good intentions, so it’s no bandwagon, it’s not fake, everything that you see is real and I really couldn’t be keeping up with what I’m doing if it wasn’t for the support that I get from home, so it’s been unreal!”

Tiernay Oliver