Motorsports world sends ARX Champion Speed well wishes

While competing in the Nitro Rallycross event at Utah Motorsports Campus last weekend, Americas Rallycross (ARX) Championship leader Scott Speed suffered a back injury after a heavy landing over a jump on Friday August 16.

The Subaru Motorsports USA driver has been keeping fans updated with his condition from hospital via his social media, as personalities from across the world of motorsports sent messages online, and his former team, Andretti Rallycross ran a “Come back soon CHAMP. 41 Scott Speed” sticker on the window of Tanner Foust’s Volkswagen Beetle for the second day of the NRX event.

Below are just some of the thousands of messages sent to Scott over the weekend.

Robert Wickens (IndyCar driver)

“Just a speed bump (no pun intended). Hang in there buddy. Let me know if there is any questions I can help answer. We are T6 fracture buddies!!”

Felix Baumgartner (First man to jump to earth from space)

“Damned it Scott. We talked about racing just two days ago. I was so excited to see how fired up you were about the upcoming season and coaching that young kid. This is a tough one but I truly believe you will come back – stronger than before. Let me know if you need anything, brother. Get well soon.”

Tanner Foust (ARX rival)

“Even with a roll cage s**t happens. Prayers and best wishes for a solid plan and “speedy” (too soon?) recovery brother”

Patrik Sandell (Subaru ARX team mate)

“Get well soon bro!”

FIA World Rallycross Championship

“All the best from the World RX paddock, Scott. Get well soon!”

Petter Solberg (x1 WRC Champion, x2 World RX Champion)

“Sorry to hear my friend”

Timo Scheider (x2 DTM Champon, World RX driver)

“Mate ….. All the best and maxiumum energy to you”

Johan Kristoffersson (x2 World RX Champion)

“I hope you will get a good recovery!”

Timmy Hansen (World RX driver)

“All the best buddy. We are racing for you today”

Niclas Gronholm (World RX driver)

“Get well soon”

Oliver Bennett (ARX and World RX driver)

“All the best mate”

James Rimmer (ARX2 driver and pit lane reporter)

“Holy crap dude. Didn’t realise it was this bad. Quick recoveries, hope to see you soon.”

Toomas Heikkinen (X Games gold medallist)

“Get well soon.”

Rokas Baciuska (World RX driver)

“Be strong!”

Will Davison (Australian Supercars driver)

“Thinking of you mate, very scary. Get well soon”

Chris Atkinson (Subaru ARX team mate)

“Get well soon mate. Hoping for a quick and strong recovery”

James Hinchcliffe (Indycar driver)

“Scary stuff, bud. Glad you’re okay. Do what they tell you to do (doctors know best!). Rest lots, don’t push it and you’ll be back in no time.”

Andrew Coley (ARX commentator)

“You can do it mate! All day long”

Cabot Bigham (ARX rival)

“Holy s**t Scott, wishing you the best. Stay strong.”

David Higgins (Multiple American rally champion)

“Get well soon pal, thinking of you”

Bucky Lasek (X Games star and ARX co-commentator)

“You got this!”

Loic Duval (Le Mans 24hr winner)

“All my support mate. Whatever the plan get well soon.”

Brian Deegan (Extreme sports star)

“Dang. Sorry to see this. Heal up bud.”

Rhys Millen (Former US rallycross driver, drift and PPIH star)

“Always have to be one better than me… Been there mate with same injuries and it’s not fun. Rest well and get back out there kicking ass.”

Joni Wiman (Rallycross champion and World RX driver)

“Get well soon man!”

Tiernay Oliver