Latest update from Scott Speed after suffering an injury at Nitro World Games

This morning, Scott Speed released an update on his condition on his social media accounts:

“Sorry for a late update. After landing hard in Q1 I broke my back. Was rushed to the local hospital for checks. CT scan confirmed a destroyed t6.. then was taken to a spine specialist at University of Utah. Finally got an MRI done around 3am.. we found I have 3 fractured vertebrae. Waiting now for the surgeons to give us the game plan. Last night was easily the scariest and most painful time I can remember. Was in a pretty dark place. But I want to thank so much everyone who came and spent time with me. No way I could have made it thru alone. @peterbminnig will forever have a place in my heart for all that he did and Luckily the best cousin in the world @jekka_arellano lives here to play mama bear for me... so excited to see Amanda and dad here soon. Thanks for all the kind text messages!”

Tiernay Oliver