On The Rise: Cabot Bigham

(May 6, 2019) – Cabot Bigham will become the first driver to step up from the official Americas Rallycross (ARX) support category (ARX2) to the Supercars when he starts the first round of the 2019 season at Mid-Ohio for the Andretti Rallycross team.

A former rallycross Champion and Supercar driver in America, Bigham returned to the sport last year in from the middle of the season at the Grand Prix de Trois-Rivieres in Canada and brought home a pair of P4 finishes in the super-competitive ARX2 class.

It was announced recently that the 22-year old has signed to race a Volkswagen Beetle Supercar alongside Tanner Foust for the Andretti team this season. “This feels surreal, it’s been a long time coming just to get into this place and know that the contracts and all the paperwork is done. To be here in the shop with Tanner and seeing the cars and all the guys thrashing on them to get them ready for the test is an amazing feeling. It’s very hard to describe,” he explained.

Bigham says racing in ARX2 has been critical to preparing him for his first ARX Supercar season. “ARX2 is a different type of racing to a Supercar, mainly because of the way the cars are built. Also in ARX2 you have these younger kids who really want to prove that they’re the fastest all the time, and the cars are generally so equal. Racing a Supercar Lites in ARX2 has been massively important to me because I got to see what rallycross tracks are like, I get to meet my immediate competitors, I get to meet the teams and everything, so without that ARX2 program, I wouldn’t have been in the position I am today.”

As partner to Foust, Bigham has big shoes to fill, replacing reigning ARX Champion Scott Speed in the team. “I think I’m going to bring some different aspects to the table, mainly just attitude wise – it doesn’t seem like Scott and I are very similar personalities, so being aligned with someone like Tanner, who to me seems a very calm, very zen as a driver, is going to fit my personality a lot better, than if I was with someone who is entirely different,” he said. “I don’t feel like there are shoes that I necessarily need to fill, but there are goals that I’ve set in my mind”

Those goals for the 22-year-old mean challenging for the podium places from the very first round in Mid Ohio. “Obviously that’s a big ask but my main goals are to be on the podium at every race this season. The second goal of mine is to, no matter what the outcome, to always be positive and remain strong for my team, for my sponsors and for myself, and just have a positive mindset and look forward to the next race and really just enjoy this entire experience, because getting here has been so challenging; just to get to this level of motorsports with Andretti, that if I only focus on the negatives and only focus on how hard it was, I’ll never be able to actually appreciate these incredible experiences. So that’s being able to step back, zoom out and enjoy these experiences would be huge. I’m looking forward to Trois-Rivieres; that race is so cool. The track last year was amazing – hands down the most fun track I’ve ever raced – and that was in a Lites car, so I can only imagine with proper power and suspension what it’s going to be like.

For the very first time in 2019 a new mentorship program for ARX2 drivers and teams has been launched to create a transparent and direct path to Supercar, where the ARX2 Champion will have free entries for 2020, complementary Cooper Tires and a Supercar test with Loenbro Motorsports. As the first ever rookie in ARX Supercar, Bigham is excited to carry the torch for young drivers. “It’s perfect timing. I’ve learned a lot of things that I want to share with other Lites drivers and to show that there is a way to progress and that there is momentum in rallycross will be huge, not only for myself and my career, but for literally the sport of rallycross in America, so I’m very excited to be the torch holder,” he said.

Tiernay Oliver