Speed Predicts ARX Title Defense with WRX STI

(January 15) - Subaru Motorsports’ new signing, inaugural Americas Rallycross (ARX) Champion Scott Speed, was on hand to reveal the new 2019 WRX STI VT19x at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit yesterday. 

The first ever ARX Champion, who entered the series last year following three previous rallycross titles, says that the new WRX STI will allow him to fight for 2019 ARX title. “This feels just so unbelievable, life is about timing and I’ve just been super fortunate with timing my whole life. I think this is just one of those situations where the timing to come here to Subaru could not have possibly been better. For one, the race car is amazing, I feel like legitimately in my mind I’m the favorite again to win,” said Speed.


“What we’ve done already with the car is incredible – it feels like a championship winning car and the livery is one of the coolest cars I’ve ever got to drive in my life. As a kid growing up I have been seeing that iconic shape and color so to have my name on the side of a modern version of that is really a dream come true.”

The Californian, who won ARX rounds at the Circuit of the Americas in Austin, Texas and at the Grand Prix de Trois-Rivieres in Canada last year, has explained that switching from championship-winning Volkswagen Andretti Rallycross to the Vermont SportsCar and Subaru Motorsports outfit has given him a new burst of energy for the year ahead.

“A lot of it was that I wanted to go somewhere where I really had to work hard for again. Not that I didn’t work hard before, but after so much time with the same car, at some point you kind of get it figured out and you get into a rhythm. This is a completely different car, a brand new team, everything is so different,” he said. “I really just wanted something new to just dive in and focus on and I could not possibly be happier with the group of guys I’m now involved with. We’ve done a really great job already and we’ve still got months to go to make it even better. I’m really excited to bring that thing out on track and show what we can do.”

Tiernay Oliver