Steve Arpin: World RX USA Turning Point for U.S. Rallycross

Loenbro Hoonigan driver Steve Arpin thinks the final round of Americas Rallycross (ARX) at the Circuit of The Americas in Texas, which will be coupled with round ten of the FIA World Rallycross Championship (World RX), could be a turning point for rallycross in the U.S.

Arpin’s team joined ARX from round two at COTA and has scored back-to-back podiums with his teammate, Ken Block, despite having limited testing and development time before getting its competitive season underway with the Ford Focus RS RX. “With the switch to ARX, also brought on a new car for us. As a team we were committed to the sport of rallycross, we were prepared and by all means anxious to get going, it was just a matter of which direction we were going to go,” said Arpin. “Everything happened very fast and we had to dive in and learn this new Focus RS RX in a hurry while having no experience with it. For all of us at Loenbro Motorsports, all of our rallycross experience has been only with the Fiesta, so the challenge for us was learning an entirely new car in a very, very short period of time.”


The Canadian star is stoked by the potential shown from his team and the Focus RS RX in the two races so far this year, in COTA and at GP3R in Canada, and is working hard to continue chasing the front-running Volkswagen Andretti Rallycross team. “Ken has been very competitive this year. My performance hasn’t been near what I expected so far but after reviewing my data, my speed is there, I just have some adapting to do to this new car and tire,” he said. “It’s nothing like anything I have ever driven. I’m thrilled that our team, jumping in months later than the two manufacturer teams (VARX & Subaru Rally Team USA) with a small fraction of the testing and development budget is still putting cars on the track that are grabbing podiums.”

The final round of ARX 2018 will take place at COTA next month, for what is one of the most anticipated events in U.S. rallycross history. “IMG has put tremendous effort into preparing for this event and has invested a lot to make sure it is a full, exciting, interactive and engaging experience for every fan we have come out, all while not breaking the bank,” said an excited Arpin. “I can tell you one thing, if I wasn’t racing in it I’d be buying myself a ticket and planning one heck of a tailgate party! I honestly think that this event could be the turning point for rallycross in the USA and am hoping it thrusts our sport back into the spotlight where it belongs.”

Arpin is sixth of the 15 drivers to score points in ARX so far this season, and scored a best result of sixth at round three in the Grand Prix de Trois-Rivieres.

Tickets for the ARX Finale at World RX USA are available for purchase now. See the American debut of the FIA World Rallycross championship alongside the championship finale of ARX. Tickets for the September 29-30 event at Circuit of The Americas are available now at

Tiernay Oliver