Ken Block and Loenbro Motorsports: A Threat to The Beetles

Viral YouTube star, rally champion and rallycross event winner Ken Block has posed the biggest threat to the dominant Volkswagen Andretti Rallycross team at the front of Americas Rallycross (ARX) in the second and third rounds this season. 

Twice on the podium, at the DirtFish ARX of COTA and in Trois-Rivieres, Canada, Block has raced hard in his Ford Focus RS RX. The car, which he used in the FIA World Rallycross Championship for two years prior to the inaugural ARX campaign, has undergone development work to its suspension at Steve Arpin’s Loenbro Motorsports shop in North Carolina.


Racing together with Arpin in ARX as the Loenbro Hoonigan team, Block finished second in COTA on July 14 and third in Canada on August 5. Speaking about his back-to-back podiums, Block is pleased with his performances, but wants more.

“Scott (Speed) and Tanner (Foust) just have a better developed car (the Volkswagen Beetle), so there’s only so much I can do. The joker strategy played out for me a little better in COTA than in Canada. I tried to take the joker before Tanner and tried to tighten up the space on him in the final (before Foust also took the joker), but it just didn’t work out and I ended up third. It is what it is. I really enjoyed the track up in Canada, I enjoy fans up there and I’m satisfied with third because I think it’s a good spot compared to the cars we’re racing.”

Block is complementary of the work done by Loenbro Motorsports as the Focus RS RX has been right in the mix with the factory-run Volkswagens and Subarus. “Steve’s guys have really been able to help to develop the suspension a bit further, but it’s still just a small team, it’s not a factory effort,” he said. “They’ve been able to make some improvements but we’re still not at the level it needs to be at. It’s getting there, it just needs more testing and development.”

Block will compete with the FIA World Rallycross Championship in the inaugural World RX USA event at Circuit of The Americas, September 29-30. Fans can purchase tickets to the first-ever WRX event held in the United States by going to

Tiernay Oliver