A Pacific Northwest Proving Ground Welcoming the World

DirtFish is one of the founding partners of Americas Rallycross (ARX), but what is DirtFish? Here we take an in-depth look:

DirtFish Rally School, located in the Pacific Northwest and only 30 miles from Seattle, is a true rallycross training facility and playground. In 2010, DirtFish began as a place where people from around the world could experience the thrill of driving rally and rallycross cars. Since then, it has accomplished that tenfold, plus so much more… What began with a few Subaru rally cars and minimal facilities has now evolved into the most prestigious rally driving school in North America, earning a reputation for performance driving, specialized training, education, and an all-out commitment to the sport of rally and rallycross.


DirtFish owner, Stephen Rimmer, was raised in the United Kingdom where the sport of rally is widely known and very popular. In his teens, Rimmer watched and even competed in road rallies across the country which fueled his passion. After he made his way to the United States, he noticed a lack of the motorsport he loved. His solution? Find a large piece of property and open a business that would allow him to share his passion of rally with the world.

Rimmer found 300+ acres conveniently located near the technological and industrial hubs of Seattle and Bellevue. Roads were built and rally cars were purchased to begin building the foundation of DirtFish Rally School. After many years of successfully sharing the sport with the public, DirtFish gained the attention of multiple automotive companies including Subaru of America, Method Race Wheels among many others. DirtFish cultivated partnerships with these companies to show the superiority of their respective products in one of the harshest environments a car will see. It’s one thing to run a race for a couple of days each month, but no other place on earth runs a fleet of rally cars seven days per week, in all conditions, throughout the entire year. That is a true testament to the vehicles, equipment, mechanics and course crew that make DirtFish all that it is today.

Each year, nearly 3,000 people from all walks of life come to DirtFish to get behind the wheel of their fleet of Subaru rally cars. From teen drivers just getting their permit to professional off-road and track racers looking to improve their race craft, to people simply looking to have an adrenaline-infused, unforgettable time, DirtFish caters to everyone with their high-level, professional team of instructors and superior facilities. Corporations such as Microsoft, Boeing, Google, and many more have held custom team-building and corporate events at the rally school, along with several other companies renting out our facility for research and development as well as mud runs and large automotive events. 


DirtFish has successfully grown into more than just a rally and rallycross driving school. In 2015, it ventured into the realm of auto racing with the formation of DirtFish Motorsports. Competing in rallycross and stage rally events across North America and around the world, DirtFish drivers have become a dominant force to be reckoned with. DirtFish has also launched outside the realm of rally and rallycross by supporting athletes in a multitude of motorsports, including the F3 and F4 US Championships, road racing, off-road racing, and even NASCAR.

DirtFish recognizes that advanced car control skills taught on loose surfaces like gravel and mud directly translate to track, desert, autocross, and street driving. Whether it was a save on the track that helped a driver win a race, or an accident avoided by a teen driver in challenging conditions, customers have commended DirtFish for giving them the skills to do so successfully.  

DirtFish is also involved in the new chapter for rallycross in North America. DirtFish Motorsports is running a number of drivers in the official Americas Rallycross (ARX) support category, ARX2, and was title sponsor of the first ever race on the Circuit of The Americas new permanent rallycross circuit in Austin, Texas back in July, the DirtFish ARX of COTA. ARX returns to COTA, September 29-30 for World RX USA.

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Tiernay Oliver