Championship Battle Heats Up Going into Canada

Volkswagen Andretti Rallycross drivers Scott Speed and Tanner Foust are locked in a battle for the first ever Americas Rallycross (ARX) title at the halfway point of the season.

Both drivers have claimed a victory so far this year, Foust took round one at the Speedmachine Festival in Silverstone, UK in May before Speed moved into the lead of the standings by a single point by taking the win at round two in the DirtFish World RX of COTA, July 14.

“The track at COTA was fun. It was very challenging, especially to race on but the thing that I enjoyed was that it changed a lot from the first time we got on it to the final,” said Speed after his first win of 2018 in the VARX Beetle Supercar. “The track rubbered up and created a surface that we all kinda had to adapt to – I really enjoyed that. We got lucky to get a pole draw for Q1 and when you start off with a win and you can hold that top qualifying spot into the heat races it makes your life a lot easier. It was a good weekend, obviously it’s great to win at the first round in America. It’s special to bring a proper rallycross track here to the States and I’m really happy to be part of it.”

The next round in Canada at Trois-Rivieres on August 4 – 5 will be another all-new track for Speed. “The thing about rallycross is everything changes from lap-to-lap anyway, so it’s not a huge advantage to know the tracks, but maybe it helps a little bit, especially at the beginning,” he said.

Foust finished third in ARX round two at COTA. The No. 34 car driver spent his weekend in Austin, Texas taking his joker lap at the first turn as he and Speed split their strategies. What could play to Foust’s advantage in round three though, is that he has previous experience of racing at Trois-Rivieres and made it onto the podium in the FIA World Rallycross Championship round at the track back in 2015 driving a Volkswagen Polo Supercar.

I love racing in Canada. The fans at Trois-Rivieres are just awesome. They’re very knowledgeable, yes, but they come out in droves,” said Foust. “It’s just a ridiculous motorsport part of the world and they love their rallycross. The track is long – it lets us stretch our legs. I’m always impressed with these Beetles that we’ve been running for several years now, just how well they perform and in those faster tracks they tend to do really well, so I think it’s going to be good racing.”

Tiernay Oliver