Q4 Welcomes Foust to the Top, While Speed Still leads Overall

A Volkswagen Andretti Rallycross Beetle Supercar won the fourth and final qualifying session at the Dirtfish ARX of COTA but for the first time in Austin it was Tanner Foust and not Scott Speed who took the quickest time.

The Volkswagen pair again split their strategies at turn one, Foust taking the joker lap route with Speed taking the lead, but only for two turns before Loenbro Hoonigan’s Ken Block passed Speed’s Beetle on the outside over the jump on the dirt section.

While Speed and Block battled for the lead, Foust quickly made up the gap and moved to second when Speed took his joker on lap three and first when Block also took his joker on lap four. Block finished second in Q4 race two and in the overall classification, but Speed dropped to fourth in the race behind Subaru Rally Team USA’s Patrik Sandell, and was also beaten in the overall times by Block’s team mate Steve Arpin.

Loenbro Hoonigan driver Arpin took his joker on lap one of Q4 race one and passed Subaru’s Chris Atkinson and Travis Pastrana when they took their jokers on lap four. Despite not completing his full set of qualifying fastest times, Speed takes the TQ (top qualifier) position and will start on pole position for semi-final one, with Foust on pole for semi two. Ken Block and Patrik Sandell will also take up front row grid positions for the semi-finals.

In ARX2, Conner Martell won his second qualifying session in Q4 to be the first driver to set two quickest times in the first ever ARX2 round. Dreyer & Reinbold Racing’s Christian Brooks took an early joker and finished second to Martell and was second quickest, he will start on pole position in semi-final two. Unfortunately for Travis PeCoy, as he failed to complete more than two qualifiers he did not qualify for the semifinals.   

Action from the ARX and ARX2 semifinals and finals from the Dirtfish ARX of COTA is coming up on the ARX Facebook Page and YouTube channel.


Tiernay Oliver