The ARX Transatlantic Voyage for VW


The first-ever Americas Rallycross (ARX) event took place as part of the inaugural Speedmachine Festival at Silverstone in the UK. For Volkswagen Andretti Rallycross, the first round meant a 4,000-mile journey to England and back, where Tanner Foust scored victory ahead of VARX teammate Scott Speed.

Below is how the team’s busy schedule has looked to compete in the first two ARX rounds.

April 9: The VARX Beetles return to Andretti workshops in Indianapolis from the Circuit of The Americas media launch to be prepared for Silverstone.

April 23: The Beetles, which have had their fuel systems drained ready for shipping, and equipment leave the VARX workshops in the race transporters, headed for Jersey City.

April 25: The two cars and 39 boxes of parts, tools and equipment – making a total freight weight of 25,700 pounds – are loaded into two 40-foot shipping containers in New York.

April 28: The precious cargo sets sail from New York, headed for London (UK), co-ordinated by World RX logistics partner, The Woodland Group.

May 12: Containers arrived in London (UK).

May 15: The consignment cleared customs in the UK.

May 22: Traveling by road, the VARX containers arrived at Silverstone.

May 25 – 27: ARX round one takes place at Silverstone, where VARX finishes one-two in the final.

May 28: Cars and equipment re-loaded into two 40-foot shipping containers at Silverstone.

June 1: Containers loaded into a cargo vessel in London (UK), headed for New York.

June 19: Containers will arrive into New York.

June 21: The consignment will receive customs clearance and be released to the team. The cars and equipment will be unloaded from the containers and into the race transporters.

June 22: Cars and equipment will arrive back to the VARX workshops in Indianapolis for ready for re-prep in just two weeks before ARX round two at COTA.

July 9: The VARX transports will depart for Indianapolis for ARX round two at COTA.

July 14: DirtFish ARX of COTA takes place in Austin, Texas.

“Thankfully, we had no hiccups with transporting all of our cars, equipment and team to the UK for round one of ARX,” said Volkswagen Andretti Rallycross Team Manager, John Tzouanakis. “Our team’s previous experience in participating in rallycross, IndyCar and Formula E events internationally is a huge asset. Time was the biggest challenge, though. Including transport time to and from supporting the ARX COTA media event, we lost a week in the workshop to prepare the cars for Silverstone. In the two weeks that we had in the workshop, I would estimate that our guys worked six days and 60-70 hours each week. I can’t overstate how committed and important they are our success!”

Tiernay Oliver