Q&A with Bucky Lasek

(November 8, 2018) – Last week we caught up with the Voice of Rallycross, Andrew Coley, who led the television and livestream coverage of the inaugural Americas Rallycross (ARX) season from the commentary box this year.

Andrew spoke so highly of skateboard and rallycross star Bucky Lasek, who worked as expert co-commentator for three of the four rounds, that we caught up with the rallycross podium finisher and 10-time X Games Gold Medalist to find out what he thought of his first season behind the mic.

How was switching from your role in rallycross as a driver to the commentary box this season?
“I figured if I wasn’t driving the next best thing would be to talk about driving. It’s been really cool to be able to share my experience inside these Supercars with the fans and also give some driver insight besides what you think you just see on the TV. Sometimes things happen behind the scenes (in the pits/off track) that can’t be explained unless you’ve experienced it.”

Were there any challenges with the co-commentary role?
“Repeating words and having the ‘umms’ are thoughts that are always lingering, but the only real challenge has been having the producers jump in on the talkback when I’m mid-sentence explaining something. It tends to make you skip a beat and lose thoughts, but it’s manageable.”

What was most satisfying about working in live TV?
“The energy is live and rad, it’s like having some drinks with your good buddies and having a good chat about the action you all are enjoying. I just have to remember to keep it politically correct..haha”

Did you see rallycross from a different perspective by watching in such detail from a distance?
“I saw it better from a fans point of view for sure. I also have to say that IMG has done a fantastic job with this series. Walking around the World RX/ARX events I could see and feel the passion of rallycross.”

What was your highlight of the season?
“My highlight was seeing rallycross thriving again in the US and heading in the right direction.”

Which ARX Supercar driver gave the standout performance this year?
“My stand out pick would have to go to Scott Speed, just because he makes the least mistakes, his name is Speed and races clean.”

Which ARX2 drivers impressed you this year?
“Conner Martell because he’s a beast behind the wheel with lots of confidence. I’d also say that Fraser McConnell is one of the most chill/laid back drivers in the field who is really fast as well. Great combo – these two would be on my team.”

What did you think of ARX as a whole in its first season?
“This first season was short but had great racing, crowned champions and all at amazing venue locations. Sounds like a great season to me.”

As a former works Subaru rallycross driver, what do you think they can do in 2019?
“Subaru and Subaru Rally Team USA are in it for the long haul so they are making big moves, literally. They just moved into a new facility in Burlington Vermont and acquired this year’s 2018 ARX champion Scott Speed. I believe Scott will bring good things with him to SRTUSA. Hopefully they will get that win in 2019!”

Tiernay Oliver