Speed Reveals Surprise Highlight of ARX 2018


(October 26, 2018) – The first ever Americas Rallycross (ARX) Champion Scott Speed says his favorite moment of the entire 2018 season was on the start line for Q4 in the final round at the Circuit of The Americas in Texas.

The Volkswagen Andretti Rallycross driver entered the final round with the points lead over team mate Tanner Foust, but a difficult Saturday meant Foust was set to claw his way back into contention in qualifying, before the semifinals. But, the best start in Q4 took Speed to the hole-shot and quickest time which saved his weekend, and relieved the pressure as he went on to win the title.

“My favorite moment of the 2018 season is, without question, the Q4 start of the last race, because that’s what the entire championship came down to. It came down to a reaction off the lights and everyone knew it,’ said Speed. “I certainly knew it, Tanner knew it. The fact that the season pivoted on such a small moment was awesome especially since we were able to come out on top with an extraordinary performance off the line. To be able to do my best 0-60mph time, a super quick reaction and a perfect launch at the exact moment where it mattered the most for the season is something that I will remember the most.”


But, the Speed’s event highlight of the year was in round three, at the Grand Prix de Trois Rivieres in Canada where he claimed his second ARX win. “I hadn’t been to Montreal in a while and it’s a cool place to be. That track has a lot of gravel in it – to be able to go there, win and prove to myself and race with the best guys in the world on that surface was validation and a good box to check.”

Speed’s title in the inaugural ARX season is his fourth rallycross championship success in America, but the Californian 35-year-old says his motivation is as high as ever. “I think I am just naturally absurdly competitive,” he said. “Whether that’s playing chess or riding my bike, I think me finding that determination to outwork someone or be ridiculously obsessive is part of my DNA. It works well as a racecar driver, but poor in other aspects of your social life. For example, your social life or just being a generally well-liked human being (jokingly). Every championship is different and when preparing for a new season you’re preparing for the unknown. In every single championship I’ve done, there’s been highs, there’s been lows and there’s always issues. I think the only thing you can prepare is to come to the first race as best you can with what you have and then prepare yourself that at some point in the season something is going to go wrong so you have to take it in stride.”

Tiernay Oliver