Anti Lag / ALS
A system that keeps the turbocharger spinning, and producing boost, at low throttle by igniting air and fuel in the exhaust.

The pressure of air forced into the engine, and increased power potential, created by the turbocharger.

Cooper Tires
Single supplier of tyres for all categories. Drivers can use up to eight new tyres per event.

Double Joker
Penalty imposed for making a false start, where the guilty driver must pass through the Joker Lap twice in that race.

Engine Control Unit. Electronic system that controls engine functions.

Stands for Federation Internationale de l’Automobile. The World governing body of motors port.

First reserve driver
The 13th placed driver in the Intermediate Classification replaces any top 12 driver should they be unable to start in the Semi-Finals. The highest points scoring of the two fourth-placed Semi-Finalists will be first reserve for the Final.

G force
Where g refers to the ‘weight’ created by gravity. So 2.5g experienced under acceleration, deceleration or cornering force, etc. refers to 2.5 times ‘normal’ weight.

Gravel / asphalt
Generalised term for the mixed surfaces of a rallycross circuit.

Device Acronym for Head and Neck Support, a specific form of Frontal Head Restraint (FHR) which is compulsory for all drivers to wear during races.

Intermediate classification
Classification after all four sets of qualifying. Classification which determines the order of the drivers for the Semi-Finals.

Joker Lap
Longer section of the circuit which all participants have to take at least once during each race.

Jump/False Start
Caused by a driver starting before the green light is shown. Controlled by an autimated system that monitors every car on the grid. The race is then restarted and the driver will have to take the Joker Lap twice.

Raised and painted track edge marker placed on corners and chicanes.

Naturally Aspirated
Referring to an engine, where the pressure of air entering the engine is at natural atmospheric pressure (also see Turbocharger).

Parc Fermé
‘Closed Park’ where cars can be isolated after a race for controlled checks by Scrutineers.

Track session at the beginnig of each event for all participants to run as many time as they wish to learn the circuit.

Area behind the start line where cars line up before a race.

Ready to race
Board or sign notifying drivers on the start line that the start of the race is imminent.

Single make 310bhp four-wheel drive cars that have their own International Series which is part of the support programme at the World Championship events.

Pre- and post-event technical and safety checks of cars to ensure their compliance with the regulations. Carried out by scrutineers.

Various surfaces of the circuit, sealed typically being asphalt and unsealed fine gravel.

Member of the race team informing his or her driver on position, timing and advising on joker lap strategy.

Pinnacle of Rallycross, 600bhp four-wheel drive car.

Award for driver who leads at the first corner during the World RX final.

1600cc front-wheel drive cars which have their own FIA European Championship which features in the support programme at World Championship events.

The combination of springs, dampers and fixing links that connect the wheel to the car and by which wheel movement is controlled.

Top Qualifier / TQ
First placed driver in the Intermediate Classification. Starts on pole in Semi-Final 1.

The rotational force of an engine. Most usually measured in Newton-metres 

2000cc rear-wheel drive cars which have their own FIA European Championship which features in the support programme at World Championship events. 

A method of forced inductioin (opposite of Naturally Aspirated) which uses a compressor driven by exhaust gasses to increase the pressure and quantity of air entering the engine, allowing an increased power output.

Tyre cleaning
Non-compulsory process prior to lining-up on the grid where drivers warm their tyres and rehearse their start procedure, the resulting wheelspin ‘cleaning’ the surface of the tyre.